About Me: The Quick Version

I’m a WordPress Consultant and Structural Engineer.

I like Writing, Craft Beer, Mead, Sustainability, Progressive Issues,Yoga, Meditation, plus more. Sometimes I tweet.

I co-founded the Post Growth Institute and I have written at length about sustainable economics. I build with WordPress + Genesis. Check out my portfolio or contact me.

My Journey to Web Development & WordPress

My journey to WordPress started in high school, really. Throughout high school I took computer programming classes, eventually finishing the short course series available and working with my instructor in an elective course – going around the school and troubleshooting computer issues. My love of coding and mathematics was founded on the courses I took there, and continued to flourish in college and beyond.

I attended the University of Washington, and while I considered a degree in Computer Science and/or Mathematics, I decided to follow another dream and enrolled in engineer coursework. I graduated in 2007 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, one course shy of having a minor in Mathematics. Along the way I continued to build websites – first for myself, then friends and colleagues, and eventually small businesses and non-profits.

Near the end of my stint at the UW I started reading and blogging about sustainable economics and sustainability in general. Blogging lead me rather quickly to WordPress, and the very first thing I did with my new WordPress-powered blog was create a custom theme. I’ve been hooked ever since.

My blogging also lead me down an amazing path and introduced me to some truly outstanding people in the sustainability sphere. In this way I met my colleagues at the Post Growth Institute, an organization we founded together and have built almost entirely online and with little-to-no budget. After building the PGI website (twice) and a few others for our initiatives, I decided to start branching out on my own.

Which brings us to today! Check out the services I offer or drop me a line.

More About Me

I live in Bellingham, Washington with my wife and two sons.

You can usually find with my headphones in, coding at the local coffee shop.