Fixing the wp_editor Error in WordPress 3.9

Apparently, a lot of us have been using wp_editor incorrectly and didn’t even know it. As of the WordPress version 3.9, you will receive an error if you are still using it this way:

The actual method is to place your field id in the textarea_name argument in the settings paramenter, like this:

It’s an easy fix, one that I’ve already seen a few plugins make since WordPress 3.9 was released. See the codex for more information on using wp_editor().

Update February 26, 2015: The code above originally showed the error using the Widget API get_field_id(), I’ve updated this to show how it might be used in/correctly elsewhere in WordPress.


2 responses to “Fixing the wp_editor Error in WordPress 3.9”

  1. Hi you.
    I have a custom wp_editor
    in wp 3.8 it run very good
    but after i update wp 3.9
    it was error.
    Pls help me

    wp_editor( '', 'comment', array(
    'media_buttons' => false,
    'textarea_rows' => '3',
    'tinymce' => array(
    'plugins' => 'inlinepopups, wordpress, wplink, wpdialogs',
    'theme_advanced_buttons1' => 'bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, forecolor, separator, bullist, numlist, separator, link, unlink, image','theme_advanced_buttons2' => ''),
    'quicktags' => array('buttons' => 'strong,em,link,block,del,ins,img,ul,ol,li,code,close')

  2. Bao,

    I would suggest you reach out to the WordPress Support forums. I don’t think you’re getting the same error that I am talking about in this post. I’d have to see the warning itself to know.

    Also, please post your code in a gist, linked into your comment.

    Best of luck,

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